This Girl Is

This Girl is a teen girl organization designed for girls ages 13-17.
We focus on promoting positive self-image, healthy relationships and a focused future.


Our girls are smart, beautiful, confident and a host of other things. Now it is time they know and believe it for themselves. We teach the importance of self-esteem, self-image, self-love and self-worth.


The best relationship must start with yourself. We also make sure girls understand the importance of healthy relationships with others. Family and friends are a vital part of growing up but so is knowing how to communicate and maintaining a healthy relationship with them. We tackle head on the communication gap between parents and teens and social issues such as bullying.


What do they really want to do? Education is key.  Not all girls want to go to college some want to have a trade or become an entrepreneur. We focus on the best plan of action for teen girls.  From vision board parties to private coaching that allows us to meet with parents and school counselors our goal is to make sure every girl has a focused future.

Shaping the World, One Girl at a Time!

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